Mar 30, 2017 - Seminar

Richard Clayton (Sheffield)
Adventures with Gaussian process emulators for models of electrical activity in the heart
Hicks LTE, 2-3pm

The heart is an electromechanical pump, where contraction of the heart muscle is initiated by a wave of electrical excitation, which diffuses through the entire heart and acts to synchronise mechanical contraction. Models of electrical activity in heart cells and tissue have been used for over 50 years as tools to probe the biophysical mechanisms underlying electrical excitation and recovery. These models are generally a set of stiff and nonlinear coupled ODEs, with a large number of free parameters that are fitted from experimental data. I will describe how we have been using the MUCM toolkit to emulate several different models of cardiac cells with GP emulators, so that we can undertake sensitivity and uncertainty analysis. I will also describe some recent work on history matching, which is a technique that uses emulators to calibrate a model against experimental data.